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Risk is proportional to ignorance. Reliable success is proportional to Information...

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Blafel Advisors S.L. is a company providing Commercial and Market advice services to Capital Equipment Manufacturing Industries in the Automotive and Aerospace sectors

The company disposes of focused and influential senior executives with 25+ years of experience exceeding sales plans and maximizing profit margins within highly competitive Capital equipment manufacturing sectors. Distinguished results providing strategic leadership and penetrating new markets on a global level. Talented in cultivating profitable, long term relationships with strategic partners while positioning products/services to outperform the competition and generate millions in sales and revenue growth.

BLAFEL Advisors

Provides external Advice to owners and high executives in SME's.

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BLAFEL Agency Services

Provides services of commercial agency to Capital equipment manufacturing companies.

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BLAFEL Trading Services

Helps Non-Spanish Capital equipment companies to export their products to the Spanish and other European markets.

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BLAFEL Consultancy

Develops specific plans and reports to support SME's approaching the market in a structured way.

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Is a complement service providing to Non-Spanish Capital equipment providers, the capacity to quickly respond to the warranty and after sales demands of their customers.

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