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BLAFEL Trading Services

Helps Non-Spanish Capital equipment companies to export their products to the Spanish and other European markets.

This is a Service specifically devoted to help Eastern technology integrators to penetrate in the European specific markets of Automotive and Aerospace: mainly in Germany, Italy and Spain.

Companies not stablished permanently in Europe, get local commercial, sales and business development support and a local focal point for their customers.

This Focal point is responsible for quickly responding to final customer requests. All entire questions are analyzed, understood and the answers prepared together with the Integrator, in order to fulfill the demands. This service represents an effective extension of the Eastern Company's commercial & proposals department in Europe, at a lower cost than opening a local branch.

This service is also provided to European Capital equipment manufacturers that aim to have market presence in Spain and Portugal. Throughout this service, they have an extension of their sales team locally, getting full visibility of the customers' portfolio, key people and opportunities.